We are Uzer

At Uzer, we believe in the power of sustainable innovation. An innovation that helps people and is environmentally friendly.

An innovation that combines convenience and comfort, reduces our impact while improving quality of life.

It is out of this that our desire to become entrepreneurs and create Eugène was born.

Small actions with Great benefits

Our butterfly logo symbolises a metamorphosis, the very principle of recycling. It also stands for the butterfly effect, or how individual actions can make a difference on a global scale.

Home recycling is part of these small gestures that have a big impact.

An idea born in France

In the late 19th century, serving as prefect of the Seine region, Eugène Poubelle decreed that landlords owning buildings had to provide common containers to their residents in order to store household waste.

He even invented waste sorting : a separate container for organic materials, another one for paper and cloth, and a third one for glass, ceramics and oyster shells.

As a nod to History we have named our product after Eugène. Can you recognize Eugène's new face with his handsome bow tie ?

Our commitment

Sustainable consumption means responsible production.

From product design to industry partner selection, we have been dedicated to manufacturing Eugène in the most eco-friendly and ethical way.

This is why Eugène is made in France (in Nantes) in partnership with the ANRH (organisation for social and vocational integration of people with disabilities).

A passionate Team

Co-founder CEO

Keen on sustainable innovation, he skateboards to work and eats organic food. Clément has been recycling since childhood. He co-founded Uzer after 5 years of experience in funding renewable energy projects.

Co-founder CMO

Knows good food and has a flair for shopping. Paul just doesn't like to lose time when heading to the store. After 3 years in Asia working in Marketing and Development for the retail industry, he decided to come back to France and co-found Uzer.

Juan Pablo
Partner -CTO

Cycling and listening to Flamenco are Juan Pablo's thing. Born in Madrid, he is now a true Parisian and has joined the company after 10 years of experience in research and innovation.

Head of Hardware

An Arts et Métiers and Georgia Tech graduate, Yoan joins Uzer to fine tune processes and pamper our users. A real engineer but with the soul of an artist, his heart balancing between machine sounds and Latin music.

Lead Developer

Graduated from school 42 and after a very rewarding first experience in startup, this Alsatian keen of sauerkraut and rubik's cube expert, joins Uzer to put his talents of developer at the service of sorters.

Back-End Developer

Graduated from Tunis University EL Manar, Atef joined Uzer to put computer engineering at the service of recyclers. A pure engineer but with a personality who loves challenges and new ideas.

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